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What to Expect

New patients will see either Dr. Garrett Neff or one of the other therapists depending on preference or referral. We encourage all new patients to call first and ask for our recommendation. Dr. Neff and the rest of the team will then work together to come up with the best course of treatment for the pain you are experiencing. The first hour-long session with Dr. Neff will include an in-depth medical history as well as a full treatment session once the root of your pain is determined.

Dr. Neff specializes functional neurology in orthopedic rehabilitation and neuromuscular inhibition; ie: testing for muscles that are “shut down” or “not firing” well. An in-depth manual muscle testing procedure and treatment called AMIT or Advanced Muscle Integration Technique will be utilized for a great portion of the work. FNOR or Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehab will be part of the the in-depth thought process and treatment plan. In addition, discovering improper movements and systemic problems is also crucial to success. Expect to have your first treatment on Day 1, and it will typically equal a similar amount of therapy as a follow-up session. Those sessions will normally be 30-minute intervals and consist of AMIT, manual therapy, corrective exercise, taping, etc.

Our massage therapist, body workers, movement specialists, and life coach will play an ongoing role in your continued program and therapy. They will provide several credentials and techniques to customize your treatment plan including Kinstretch, Rolfing, Rossiter, Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, Cold Laser, Functional Movement, Hypervibe Vibration Therapy, taping, and much more.