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Welcome to the Client Center!

Truebility will be aiming to answer your questions about our practice and facilities.
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How are fees collected at Truebility?

All fees will be collected at the time of service. We accept cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Is Truebility an In-Network Provider?

No, we are an Out-of-Network provider, but you can use your HSA cards for services. It’s the patient’s responsibility to call their insurance provider to find out what their coverage is. If the services offered are covered, you are still responsible for full out-of-pocket payment at the time services are rendered. The clinic can supply you with a detailed invoice which you can then submit for reimbursement from your insurance company if needed.

Do I have to be an Expert at Fitness to attend a Truebility Workshop?
Absolutely not, Truebility is built for clients of all ages, athleticism and body types. We specialize in Men, Women and Children alike. Schedule an appointment today using our SCHEDULE NOW button on the right had side of every page!
What type of sessions do you offer?

Truebility offers a wide variety of sessions for both entry-level and experienced athletes. Here is a quick list of the sessions that are available.

  • New Patients – (Discounted 1-hour session including history, physical exam, report of findings, and treatment)
  • Chiropractic Standard Session – (30-minute session including a variety of techniques, taping, assessments, corrective exercise, etc)
  • Chiropractic Short Session – (15-minute session for patients who have graduated within their treatment program and are placed on a smaller plan)
  • Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation – (60-minute session including examination, treatment, and programming)
  • Therapy Follow-Up – (30 to 60-minute sessions including all methods for treatment and corrective exercise)
  • Massage Therapy Full Session – (60 minute session designed for new massage patients and follow-ups including an in depth variety of techniques and assessment)
  • Massage Therapy Short Session – (30 minute session designed for shortened follow-ups)
  • RockTape Taping – (taping only)
  • Running Technique – (1-on-1 session either scheduled in 30 or 60 minutes. Inquire for group rates.)
  • Combined Sessions – (Combo sessions with any service)