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Optimize Your Own Truebility

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Optimize Your Own Truebility

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Wrist, Forearm, & Elbow Movement Prep

If you've ever had wrist, forearm, or elbow pain while in or attempting any type of front rack, overhead, or inverted position, these movement prep exercises are for you! Getting those muscles/ligaments warmed up and prepped for movement...

Posterior Chain Engaged – Part 1

Learn how to engage your lats and glutes for a more powerful posterior chain. Part 1 of an intro for the 2-Part Workshop we will be hosting at Bella Strength on Jan 4th @ 530pm in Boulder, CO.

Truebility Performance Clinic is a functional sports medicine, chiropractic, and physical therapy clinic with a strong focus on neuromuscular and functional movement patterns. Our clinic bridges the gap between conventional methods and progressive clinical expertise to help our clients reach their optimal performance level for daily activities and lifestyle. Whether you are preparing for your next competition or simply wanting to care for your grandchildren, our clinic is the place for you. Our in-depth approach and long treatment sessions provide a better foundation to build long-term changes and relationships. We see all people from all ages, including newborn babies, children, and the elderly. Through proper assessments and functional diagnoses, our team will develop of custom program that will meet YOUR GOALS.

Owner and founder, Dr. Garrett Neff, is one of Colorado’s finest when it comes to sports chiropractic, performance, and recovery. His goal was to create a clinic destination with an experienced collective group of providers to allow a truly one-stop-shop for all your needs. We have a variety of treatment approaches for individual programming, including: chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga therapy, nutritional therapy, corrective exercise, supplements, functional medicine, blood labs, hormone panels, etc. Our patient base ranges from pediatrics to adults, and office workers to athletes. Our approach and treatment methods apply to EVERYONE. Dr. Neff and the rest of the team also teach Truebility Movement Class and lectures at a variety of locations in Colorado on mobility, stability, technique work, movement prep, self-home care, and more. Please join us for a class or call to schedule your first visit!

“Truebility” is an all-inclusive philosophy that aims to discover one’s optimal level of performance, daily activities and lifestyle. EVERYONE, from any age or background deserves to unlock their own Truebility.

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