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Coach Chad Weller

Chad Weller embodies passion, perseverance, dedication and competitive drive like few others. Not only does Chad compete in rigorous ultra marathons around the globe his favorite distance happens to be 100 miles. Chad has been running for over 22 years and has raced over 233 times 34 of those were ultra marathons from countries like France,Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala and the USA.

He has fine tuned the art of running by creating the 5 point Weller Method to help him perform at the Pro Level for the last 7 years. The Science behind his method involves effective movements that create efficiency with every stride. Fueled by a plant based diet he has been a Vegan for 22 years. Empowering others to make honest choices and guiding them to there next level in their journey is why Chad Weller has been coaching for 17 years. Chad also devotes his time working with numerous charities and causes. He hopes that the 5 point Weller method serves as a base for all healthy choices in goals.